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Why a complete rewrite?

Problems and goals

In september 97, I've decided to rewrite completely my Darkover site as it was becoming nearly impossible to manage. The goals of the rewrite are as follows:
  • improve the look of the site and insure consistency between parts,
  • simplify the sources in order to allow easier translation,
  • remove as much html as possible from the sources in order to separate content from style.

Chosen solution

I've chosen to use htmlpp, a great preprocessor, written in Perl by Nicolas Thiery. This software allows to simplifty greatly html sources and also to reduce the amout of typing needed in order to produce a simple page.

Moreover, I've started to use Perl in order to produce some parts of the site. I use for instance a pseudo database in order to store novel descriptions. A Perl script extracts relevant information and produces novel pages from it.

Currently, the htmlpp transformation (turning html pages in prehtml sources) is far from being complete, but I'm working on it. You can have a look to the rewrite status page to know what's going on.

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