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The darkover-studies mailing list


I plan to create a new Darkover related mailing list. I had quite bad experiences in the past with other darkover mailing list, so I'll try to provide a very high quality mailing list. In order to do so, I think members of the list should obey to some rules. The purpose of this page is to give a preliminery version of these rules, so that Darkover site's readers can give me some feedback before the creation of the list.


Purpose of the list

The mailing list darkover-studies is intended to host general discussions about the Darkover world created by Marion Zimmer Bradley. We aim at providing a high quality list.

  • beginners questions are welcome as long as they are strongly related to Darkover. We plan to add a FAQ as soon as needed.
  • the list is meant for serious discussion and studying of strictly the Darkovan universe, considered as a fictionnal place. No fluff is allowed; discussion of MZB's non-Darkover works, general chatting, roleplaying and fan-fiction should be kept on other lists created for such things. No flaming will be allowed.

The list is currently unmoderated. Please follow the rules or we'll have to add moderation. If you don't obey to the rules after repeated private warning, you'll be removed from the list.

Technical information

To be written (explanation on how to post, subscribe and unsubscribe, etc.)

Posting format

  1. Language

    The official language of the mailing list is english.

  2. Format

    The mailing list software is configured to automatically reject posts in non-standard format. You should keep in mind that a lot of people cannot read easily HTML mails, attachment, etc. Your post MUST be made in plain text, without any attachment.

How to make a meaningful post

  1. Title

    In order to provide an interesting list, we need to rely on e-mail titles. This is also the case when a member of the list has only time to focus on some topics and does not want to discuss others. So please give to your post a meaningful title!

  2. One subject = one mail

    For reasons discussed in the previous section, it is quite important to write only about one subject in each mail. If you want to ask several unrelated questions, send several e-mails.

How to make a meaningful answer

  1. One answer = one mail

    It is important to answer by one mail about only one subject. Answering to several unrelated questions (coming from different e-mails) in one mail is one of the best way to make the archive unusable.

  2. Title change

    When during a discussion, the subjet is slowly changing, it is a good idea to change the title of your answer (you can keep the original title between brackets) in order to start a new thread.

  3. Text reduction

    When you answer only to a part of a post, you should delete from the quoting of this post everything that is not related to your answer, especially other's signature (their name is enough).


Signatures are a bit boring (personnal opinion), so please keep them reasonable: around 3 or 4 lines, no more. If someone wants to know more about you, he or she can send you a personal e-mail. In fact, signatures are quite useless in a mailing-list, since mails are always directed to the same people. Reading a signature once or two is enough.

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