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A message from Susan n'ha Myrtle

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A message from Susan n'ha Myrtle

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:31:46 +0200
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Just received this:

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:25:57 EDT
Subject: Re:MZB

Sunday evening at 10:30 PM EST, Cynthia McQuillin called me and confirmed 
MZB's death on Saturday evening about 6pm California time.  Marion had a 
massive heart attack Tuesday evening while watching her favorite TV show, Law 
& Order.  Raul initiated CPR and called the paramedics, who transported her 
to Alta Bates Hospital, just a few blocks from the house.  All of Marion's 
extended family who could do so visited her in the time between Tuesday 
evening and Saturday evening when she died.  Marion's last two weeks were 
good ones, with special meals, visits from friends and the work on both S&S 
and the magazine.  She went out on short excursions several times during that 
    I assure you that Marion read every thing that was submitted to her, and 
chose just what would be published.  I spent two marvelous weeks with her 
during the later part of May, and she read manuscripts every day during my 
stay.  According to Cindy, the magazine will continue until all the stories 
currently purchased can be published.  This was Marion's wish.
    Marion will have a funeral some time in October.  At her request, she is 
to be cremated, and her ashes scattered in England, on Glastonbury Tor.
    I talked to Marion about the Renunciates, and Darkover in general.  She 
said she patterned the Renunciate training on Kung Fu, something for us to 
think about.  She also had an abiding hate for horses, and felt that the 
modern equivalent was learning to drive and caring for an automobile.  She 
had written a new Darkover, called Shadow King, which I read in manuscript 
one night when she was ill, and needed watching.  
    Marion gave us all so much.  Most of the younger writers made their first 
sale to Marion, including Elizabeth Moon, Mercedes Lackey, Jennifer Roberson, 
Deborah Wheeler and others.  
    Marion's family worked very hard to try and make life as pleasant as 
possible for her.  They are to be commended for their loving care.  Raul gave 
Marion several years of his life, tending her as lovingly as he would a 
mother, and indeed she thought of him as a son.  Lisa, of course, was there, 
managing the literary end of things as well as family and personal matters.  
Cindy provided marvelous meals, and much conversation and listening.  Rachel, 
who is the editor of the magazine, started with the attitude of , "Its a 
job," and came to love her boss.  Ann Sharp, who edited the DNL also was 
involved in day to day running of things.  Diana Paxson was a great spirit 
lifter.  She and Marion shared so much over the years.  The first SCA tourney 
was held in Diana's yard.  Dr. Jane was always there, and Marion loved her.   
    Marion missed her mother and her brother Paul.  She reminisced a lot 
about Walter and Brad (her first husband).  She enjoyed a concert for her 
birthday by Moria, and a long visit with her grandchildren.  Moria has two 
little boys.  As much as we will miss her, life these last several years was 
restricted due to her ill health.  I like to think of her at a great 
convention in some heavenly place, giving Walter what for and generally 
enjoying visiting with all her friends.
    The family is notifying all the people like Misty who meant so much to 
Marion.  Andre Norton will be called today, and we will see her this Friday.  
(She lives just 2 hours from here, and is my housemate's long standing 
    Please pray for Marion's family during this difficult time.  They have 
given so much of themselves for her, Now it's time for us to give them a 
little.  Without their loving care, Marion would have been gone a long time 

    I plan on being at Darkover to see every one.

Susan n'ha Myrtle
Susie Bound

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