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New version of the site

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  • Subject: New version of the site
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 19:44:56 +0200
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Dear Darkover friends.

* I had a lot of work recently and I can't update the Darkover site till now.
During this three months break, I had a lot of network problems that you might
have notice. I think the only way to fix them will be to use my newly
registered toplevel domain. That's why you should now use
rather than 

* I've now regular contacts with Elizabeth Waters, Marion Zimmer Bradley's
secretary. I hope to obtain interesting news from her as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, Marion's health is not very good right now (she even had to
spend a few days in hospital in February) so Mrs Waters cannot spend much time
for a fan site. This is of course a very small problem compared to Marion's
bad health. We're on terra and no laran healer can restore her shape...

PLEASE don't bother Mrs Waters with questions about Mrs Bradley's health.
Elizabeth tries to update frequently the MZB's fantasy magazine site
( with information about Mrs Bradley, so you'll find
news there.

* I've updated the Darkover site. New things include:
- english part:
	- summaries of Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun and The Spell Sword by Leigh
	- a page about keepers with a nice picture (thank you Julie)
- french part:
Welcome Cyril Chovet and Daniel Roy, two new contributors.
	- summaries of Bloody Sun and Forbidden Tower by Cyril Chovet
	- summaries of Hawkmistress, Star of Danger and Rediscovery by Guillaume
	- new translations of english pages by G. Perrier 
	- new pages about Sisterhood, Avarra Priestess, fauna and flora by Guillaume
	- list of characters of Shadow Matrix by Guillaume Perrier
	- an updated and improved glossary thanks to Daniel Roy

Fabrice Rossi

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