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New top level domain name

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New top level domain name

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  • Subject: New top level domain name
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:35:53 +0100
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Dear Darkover friends.

I've freely registred a new top level domain name, (you can try The compagny that operates the cx (christmas islands)
has started to charge a reasonnable fee for having a domain. So I need now to
decide wether to keep as the main darkover top level name or to
switch to Switching has some advantages:

1) ownership is very cheap: around 35 US dollars for two years
(compared to 70 US dollars for the same time on .org, .com or .net).
2) cx has far less domain name than org and the first resolution of should be faster than
3) I'll be completely and directly in charge of For technical
reasons, this is a good thing, especially for email related stuff. I'll be
able for instance to move to, which is not possible on
4) is shorter to type than (I known this is a
ridiculous reason...)

Of course, if I switch, I will keep also (based on the good will
of Marcos Silva), but new subdomains and emails aliases will be created under (and perhaps duplicated to, at least for subdomains).

As I don't pretend to be the wisest man on Darkover (and on Earth), I'm
requesting advice and comments. 

Fabrice Rossi

PS: a new release of the darkover site in under work. It will include Shadow
Matrix, Traitor's Sun and Spell Sword summaries in english (thanks to Leigh
Kimmel). I will also create a darkover-announce-fr mailing list, which will
receive french translations of darkover-announce posts.

copyright 96-98 Fabrice Rossi (

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