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  • Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:35:07 +0100
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Dear Darkover friends.

1) update
I'm pleased to announce that three new contributors have joined team. Welcome to Leigh Kimmel (Shattered Chain summary
in english), Sandrine Gustin (Shattered Chain summary and review in french)
and  Sandrine Monrocher-Zaffarano a.k.a. Phoebz (Darkover Landfall summary in

Thanks to their work and Guillaume Perrier's one, the french part of the site
had a lot of new things:
- summary of Shattered Chain (not a translation, written directly in french)
(S. Gustin)
- review of Shattered Chain (S. Gustin)
- summary of Darkover Landfall (Phoebz)
- summary of The spell sword (G. Perrier)
- presentation and review of Shadow Matrix (by me)
- presentation and review of Traitor's Sun (by me)
- a very good introduction to the Renunciates (G. Perrier)
- a short description of Darkovan drugs and drinks (G. Perrier)
- darkover moons (G. Perrier)

On the english side, new things include:
- summary of the Shattered Chain (not a translation) (L. Kimmel)
- review of Shadow Matrix (me)
- review of Traitor Sun (me)

On both versions, I've updated and added links.

2) gets an award!
I'm proud to announce that the site is Best of Net for January 99 by Young
Adult books guide of the Mining Company (see

3) Hosted sites
My server is now hosting Myria's (Julie) Neskaya Tower and also her pages
about the online Darkover RPG. I plan to host more Darkover sites with
original contents as soon as my new computer gets ready.

Thanks to Guillaume Perrier, the french part of is getting bigger
and bigger. I really need someone to translate the french pages into english
so as to keep the versions as close as possible to each other. 

5) Numbers
We are now 146 on darkover-announce mailing lists. 
Best novel poll: 167 opinions registered (The Heritage of Hastur is leading
(36), followed by The Forbidden Tower (29) and Hawkmistress (20))
Worst novel poll: 38 opinions registered (Heirs of Hammerfell (11), Planet
savers (5) and City of Sorcery (5)) receives around 65 hits a day on the main page. It serves
around 2000 requests a day.

Fabrice Rossi

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