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  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:36:31 +0100
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Dear Darkover friends.

1) I've a _very_ small christmas present for all of you, a new version of my
Darkover site. 

New things:

*) general:
	- new navigation bar
	- automatic link to translated version of a page
	- automatic tracking of untranslated pages
	- laran information for characters described in the character pages
	- very small introduction to Traitor's Sun

*) in english:
	- Thomas Edsall's notes about Exile's Song have been updated (this is an
excellent work I think).
	- Shadow Matrix character list by Petri Peltonen
	- a small review of Exile's Song by myself

*) in french
	- Bloody sun character list translated by G. Perrier
	- World wreckers character list written by G. Perrier
	- review of almost all novels by JM Suzzoni and J Legendre

2) Review project

I've received some mails about my review of some Darkover novels (sometimes
rather rough mails): basically, some people seems to think they have a kind of
right to have their opinion included in my site (especially when they disagree
with me). I don't think so, but I'll be please to include review about
Darkover novels, as I've started to do in the french section. So, feel free to
send me your reviews.

3) some stats

We are now 119 members on the darkover-announce mailing list. The best novel
poll received 140 answers since september the 3rd: Heritage of Hastur is still
leading (chosen 30 times as first), followed by the Forbidden Tower (24) and
Hawmistress (16). The worst novel poll does not have such a big success and
received only 24 answers since november the 12th: the heirs of hammerfell is
leading with 7 answers as first. 

4) another updated site

Julie Stampnitzky (aka Myria Lanart) has a very nice site at  Her site includes a lot things
such as Darkover timeline, familly trees and information about the
play-by-email darkover RPG.

Fabrice Rossi

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