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Traitor's Sun is out!

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Traitor's Sun is out!

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  • Subject: Traitor's Sun is out!
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 11:36:34 +0100
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Dear Darkover fans.

Traitor's Sun, the new Darkover novel is out. 

In the USA, it has already been shipped (at the beginning of the month). Amy
Harman (from Seattle) told me she received it from about 2 weeks
ago. In Europe, I received this morning a mail from telling that
the book has been sent to me. 

Amy said "what I can glean from the cover excerpt its 15 years later - than
The Shadow Matrix - and looks like a lot is going to be happening between the
Terrans and the Darkoverans-". You can have a look to the cover at the
following URL:

On this page (at you'll find a review (warning: it tells you a
"lot" about Shadow Matrix...). It seems that the novel is about Terrans trying
to "grab Darkover by force". Once again the book has been written with
Adrienne Martine-Barnes.

Happy reading!

Fabrice Rossi

PS: I plan to release a new version of before Christmas

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