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  • Subject: is back!
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:24:36 +0100
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Dear Darkover friends.


First of all, I'd like to thank list members who took time to answer to my top
level domain name request. I received a lot of proposal, but meanwhile, I
managed to reach Marcos Silva, who is the new administrator of linkway, the
brazilian ISP who owns And, guess what? Marcos was pleased to
help and is now the new name of my site. Marcos seems
to be very glad to help the on line Darkover community and I think we'll be
able to create subdomains, mail alias, and so on. I plan to create a new
mailing list, named The purpose of this list will
be to host discussions about management (what subdomains to
create, who can use mail alias, etc.). I still have some
technical problems to solve, but I don't think it will be long. I think the
mailing list is needed, because none of us owns Darkover and consensus
decisions making seems a good choice there. Moreover, we need to submit
request to Marcos as infrequently as possible: he does have a real job (as
many of us!).

2) darkover site update

On the user side, the english part of site does not feature many new things:
	- a worst novel poll has been started (4 results)
	- there is a new page on how to translate the site
The french part has been updated and contains a lot of newly translated pages
(by Guillaume Perrier), mainly character lists.

On the technical side, I've completely rewritten the poll "engine" and adding
a new poll is now really easy: send me your suggestion! Moreover, the
translation to Portuguese and German of the new site has started. Nothing is
currently advertised, but I hope we'll have some content before the end of the
year. Translation to other languages are welcome.

We are now 93 members on darkover-announce and the best novel poll received
103 opinions (guess which one is leading...).

3) Shadow Matrix has been translated into German and published by Droemer
Knaur. The title is ASHARAS RUECKKEHR (Ashara´s Return) and the price is DM
39,90. Thanks to Olaf Keith for this news.

Fabrice Rossi

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