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  • Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:12:24 +0200
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Dear Darkover lovers.

* New Novels rumors:
Rumors about the yet to come new Darkover novels are a little bit
1) the MZB's Fantasy Magazine site announces that "TRAITOR'S SUN" should be
out in January 99 (hardcover). 
2) CHILDREN OF KINGS is still announced in this site, but with no date.
3) I received a mail from a member of a german friends of Darkover
association. The mail said that some reliable source confirmed that "TRAITOR'S
SUN" will be out in January and that an important Darkover character will die
(I won't reveal who).
4) as I told you in a previous message, Ann Sharp (who is indeed a reliable
source) said in usenet news that MZB was working on a new book called "SHADOW
KING". Some aspects of her post are not completely compatible with other
5) Traitor's Sun can be preordered on

To sum up: Traitor's Sun will ship soon, but I doubt that the rumors I got are
true. The next book is under work and seems to have be renamed Shadow King.

By the way: the paperback edition of Shadow Matrix should be available in
January 99.

* Darkover Site:
	+ darkover-announce has now 76 members
	+ darkover-studies is delayed: I received only ONE answer about it. If you'd
like to join a discussion list about Darkover, please read this:
	+ 71 votes have been registred for the darkover novel poll. The Heritage of
Hastur still leads with 16 votes (10 as second and 9 as third), followed by
the Forbidden Tower (12, 5 and 9).
	+ You can now vote for Shadow Matrix. I'm going to send an email to each
registred participant in order to ask for corrected vote.
	+ the Site has been updated:
	- I've included some reading notes about Exile's song (contributed by Thomas
	- I've added a character list for Planet Savers (contributed by Petri
	- I've added a lot of character lists translated to french by Guillaume

Fabrice Rossi

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