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New version of the Darkover Site

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New version of the Darkover Site

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  • Subject: New version of the Darkover Site
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 11:43:24 +0200
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Dear Darkover friends.

* I'm pleased to announce a new version of my site:
- characters pages have been enhanced: physical descriptions of important
characters are back, as well as full names.
- new links have been added, mainly about Darkover filk music.
- shadow matrix is now presented (thanks to Daw Books official presentation).
- darkover-announce is now archived.
- french pages now include a presentation of the Thendara Guard.

* the new "beta" version of the site is now mirrored:

* Some of you did noticed that my site was difficult to reach last week.
Problems ON MY SIDE should be fixed right now, BUT I expect to be difficult to
reach every friday during one month, because of network modification in my
University. Meanwhile, you should use the mirrors.

* I plan to start a new mailing list, named darkover-studies, and targeted at
serious discussions about the Darkover world, considered as a fictionnal work.
Details can be found at:
Please tell me if you plan to join this new list or why you won't do that.

* we are now 69 members on darkover-announce.

* 53 votes have been registred for the darkover novel poll. The Heritage of
Hastur remains the leader (it was chosen 12 times as first, 10 times as second
and 7 times as third), followed by The Forbidden Tower (9, 3 and 7 times). 

Fabrice Rossi

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