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Character descriptions are (partly) back

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Character descriptions are (partly) back

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  • Subject: Character descriptions are (partly) back
  • From: Fabrice Rossi <>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 13:24:59 +0200
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Dear darkover lovers.

Here are the latest news about Darkover:

* We are now 60 on the darkover-announce mailing list

* The best novel poll received 43 votes and The Heritage of Hastur is
currently leading (it has been chosen 10 times as first), followed by the
Forbidden (with 6 votes). 

* I've released a new version of my Darkover site:

        - french part has been updated (a _lot_ of small fixes)
        - the new site can be downloaded as a tar.gz/zip archive (tell me if
the ftp
server works!)
        - I've updated the copyright notice which is now more precise and
allows easier redistribution.
        - Character descriptions are partly back. I'm from having included
from the old site, but I think it will be easier and faster now, as character
descriptions are now handled by a database (postgreSQL, of course)
        - I've added a new link to Jaelle n'ha Gilla Virtual Guild House.

Forthcoming stuff ("as soon as possible" (tm)):
        - more character description pages
        - more link (Darkover 'filk' music)
        - foreign versions
        - more polls (preferred character, etc.)

Don't forget that you can send your findings about darkover (new links,
rumors, etc.) directly to I moderate the

Fabrice Rossi

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