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Vote for your prefered novel!

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Vote for your prefered novel!

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  • Subject: Vote for your prefered novel!
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  • Date: 3 Sep 1998 14:03:57 -0000
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Dear Darkover lovers.

Here are the lastest news about Darkover:

* We are now 54 on the darkover-announce mailing list.

* I've released a new version of my Darkover site:

	- the french part includes a presentation of the recently published
	Darkover anthology.
	- links have been updated (almost no more broken links, I hope).
	- the english part includes a tutorial on htmlpp, for brave souls who
	want to help me.

* I've decided to allow visitors to give easily their contribution to my
site. The first aspect of this new policy is a poll about your prefered
Darkover novel. You can reach it via:
or (for french readers)
Tell me if there is any problem related to the underlying scripts.

Fabrice Rossi

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