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Darkover books

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Dear Darkover lovers.

Here are the latest news about Darkover:

* We are now 46 on the darkover-announce mailing list.

* Shadow Matrix, released last year in hardcover (around 20 US $)
should be released at the end of august in paperback (around 5 US $).

* French readers will be pleased to learn that Pocket has just published a new
anthology of translated Darkover short stories. "Le cycle des légendes"
contains stories about the early Darkover, just after the landfall. 

* A few days ago, Ann Sharp (ex editor of the Darkover Newsletter) posted the
following message in the newsgroup  rec.arts.sf.written:

        She [Marion] has finished the first draft of a new 
	Darkover novel which features Regis Hastur and Danilo. 
	The working title is THE SHADOW KING.
	She's now refining the subplots, and was gleefully 
	killing off characters at last report.  The manuscript is 
	months away from submission, obviously, and it takes 
	months after submission before publication, but Yes, 
	there is a new Darkover novel in the work.

This seems to be really good news.

Fabrice Rossi

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