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How to contribute

I really need help to build this site. In order to contribute, you just have to send me an e-mail.

How to make a contribution

In order to give me valuable help, you should accept the following rules:

  • tell me about your project before starting it. This will avoid duplicate and useless work.
  • send me files in one of the following format (in preference order):
    • prehtml format: this is more or less HTML, but in a certain sense simpler. I've written a small introduction to htmlpp if you want to know more.
    • HTML 3.2. Don't try to use special tags or to mimic the site style. I use several automatic tools in order to simplify the building of this site and I try to remove as much HTML as possible from the source files. The best thing to do is to use only headers, links, tables and lists. And if you can, don't use any wysiwyg editor as they tend to produce barely readable HTML code.
    • iso-latin-1 text format.
    • applix format.
    I've decided to refuse any submission coming from Word, Write, Wordperfect or any other text processor running under Windows or Mac OS. I don't use such software and I hope I will never have to. It is far easier for you to save your work in plain text format than for me to convert a submission.

About what?

I need feedback and original contributions on the following topics:
  • Translation
    You have perhaps taken a look at the French version of this site: it is more complete than the English one. So if you understand French enough to translate my pages, you can really help me by sending in English versions of the French pages you find interesting. Moreover, I'm also very interested by translation into other languages. There is a page about how to translate a page.
  • General feedback
    This site is full of English mistakes. If you can discover them, just tell me. I also need advice about my style. I would like to know if everything is understandable.
  • Novels review
    I would like to receive reviews about Darkover Novels in order to include them in the site: this will allow me to build a general reading guide.
  • Illustrations
    Do you feel unfairly unknown as a talented drawer ? The Darkover site can promote you! More seriously, I need illustrations: Darkover characters, sites, etc. You can send me digitized drawings, as long as you are the artist.
  • General information
    I also need general information about Darkover (about laran, geography, history, etc.). In order to keep a high quality level, I need for each piece of information a "proof": the place where this thing can be found (the title of the novel and the page number for a given edition).
  • Summaries
    I need summaries of the novels. I will be very pleased with very precise summaries.
Before starting a contribution, send me an e-mail to check that I am not preparing something similar what you plan to do. You should also check the page about ongoing work.

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