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August 98: Poet's award

Poet's award From Ernest Slyman ( on August, the 24th (1998):
I love writing, this is great writing. My good fortune to find you. I very much enjoyed your pages. A good read. Terrific site. Outstanding content and design. I was most impressed. Delightful contribution to the World Wide Web. Quite talented. High merit all around. I am awarding your site the Poet's Award.

January 99: Best of Net Award

Best of Net From Kimberly Pauley (, the Young Adult books guide for the Mining Company, on January, the 18th (1999):
I'm the Young Adult books guide for the Mining Company and I would like to award you the best of Net award for January 1999. The Darkover site is a great resource for fans.

If you are interested in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series, this site is a must see. Not only can you read about her works, you can learn about different fan sites and much more. You can also do all of this reading in different languages. Very user friendly site. Be sure to check it out.

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