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I am fascinated by Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover, and I would like to share this feeling. I have began a few months ago to write a sort of Darkover encyclopedia in French. In this work, I want to provide useful information such as a novel list, a reading guide, etc. and also precise information for fans (such as "who is the father of X ?"). I have decided to translate the French version, but as you will probably notice, I am not so good in English, so I need help.

This site contains four parts:

  1. A list of general information about the site itself. You can obtain information about the contributors, about what has been included recently in the site, etc.
  2. A Darkover general reading guide which introduces the complete list of novels and shot stories, gives an "official" order for the novels, etc.
  3. A Darkover Encyclopedia which tries to describe Darkover as if the planet were real: its climate, its society, its history, etc.
  4. A guide of fan activities which tries to list works started by Darkover fans over the world: mailing lists, Web sites, etc.

This site is NOT at all OFFICIAL.

This site has been developed by fans who love Marion Zimmer Bradley's universe, without any contact with her. Marion Zimmer Bradley has no relationship with this work, she hasn't authorized or sponsored it. Most of the content of these pages is the result of an original and personal work (except short quotations of the novels) and remains the property of its authors (the author of each page is precisely stated at the bottom of it).

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