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  1. Question: I don't know anything about Darkover but it seems good. How should I start?
    Answer: You should first read the Darkover introduction. Then you should read the reading guide, starting with the page about subcycles. Remember this is MY opinion, so you might be disappointed.
  2. Question: I have a Darkover book which is not listed here. Could you tell me more about it?
    Answer: All published Darkover books are listed in the site. But remember there are novels and short story anthologies. If you are really lost, try the search engine.
  3. Question: I have searched and still I can't find a page about The sword of Aldones. Could you tell me more about it?
    Answer: You're search was not so exhaustive! Anyway, The sword of Aldones is the old version of Sharra's Exile. Read this page for more information.
  4. Question: Why do you include free software propaganda in a Darkover related site?
    Answer: Because this site exists only thanks to free and open softwares such as Linux (see my Powered by page). If a company as Microsoft manages to reach world domination in information technology, we will ALL loose, even people who don't use open softwares.

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