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Towers of Darkover


First Publication:

New York: DAW, July 93

Reference edition (in this Web site):

Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-553-1

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

The powers of the mind.

Return to the magnificent world of the Bloody Sun in this exciting new, all-original anthology that explores one of the most fascinating facets of the Darkover society -- The Towers. In these citadels, those giften with laran -- mind talents which enable them to communicate telepathically, to rule the elements, to control birds and beasts with their thoughts -- join together to work the laran matrices, sometimes for the good of all their world, sometimes in a struggle over power beyond any ordinary mortal's imagining...

From an apparently laran-less youth who discovers that his wild talent just doesn't function on Darkover... to a "washerwoman" who "cleans up" people... to a murderer from whom no one in the Overworld is safe... here are twenty spellbinding stories of power and wonder.


  • Love of the Banshee by Lynne Armstrong-Jones
  • The Wind Man by Dorothy J. Heydt
  • Shelter by Nina Boal
  • Carmen's Flight by Margaret L. Carter and Leslie T. Carter
  • Ten Minutes or So by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Victory's Cost by Patricia B. Cirone
  • Kefan McIlroy is Snared by Aletha Biedermann-Wiens
  • Rosa the Washerwoman by Mary Ellen Fletcher
  • Like a Moth to the Flame by Emily Alward
  • A Change of View by Judith K. Kobylecky
  • Choices by Lynn Michals
  • A Lesser Life by Patricia Duffy Novak
  • Summer Storms by Glenn R. Sixbury
  • Conscience by Alexandra Sarris
  • Shame by Charley Pearson
  • The Aillard Anomaly by Diann S. Partridge
  • Destined for the Tower by Elisabeth Waters and Deborah Wheeler
  • The Madwoman of the Kilghard Hills by Joan Marie Verba
  • I'm a Big Cat Now by David R. Heydt

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