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Four Moons of Darkover


First Publication:

New York: DAW, November 1988

Reference edition (in this Web site):

Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-305-9

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

When four moons rise the mistery and powers of the legendary world of Darkover are at their height. When the light of their conjunction bathes the world of the Bloody Sun, anything can happen, and Darkovan, Terran, and even the native chieri must all beware -- for at such times the destinies of all who dwell in Keep, Tower, Guildhall, or town may forever be changed for good or ill.

From vengeance ckaimed to laran power tamed... from the dangers of matrix-weapons unleashed to the magic of the first circle raised... here are magnificent new tales drawn from many times and places, stories of dangers defeated and talents transformed as the peoples of this wondrous world meet the ever-changing challenges of life on Darkover.


  • The Jackal by Vera Nazarian
  • Death's Scepter by Joan Marie Verba
  • A King's Ransom by Kay Morgan Douglas
  • Man of Impulse by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Swarn Song by Roxana Pierson
  • Out of Ashes by Patricia B. Cirone
  • My Father's Son by Meg Mac Donald
  • House Rules by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • To Challenge Fate by Sandra C. Morrese
  • The Devourer Within by Margaret L. Carter
  • Sin Catenas by Elisabeth Waters
  • Circles by Glenn R. Sixbury
  • Festival Night by Dorothy J. Heydt
  • A Laughing Matter by Rachel Walker
  • Mourning by Audrey J. Fulton
  • The Death of Brendon Ensolare by Deborah Wheeler
  • Sort of Chaos by Millea Kenin

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