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Domains of Darkover


First Publication:

New York: DAW, March 1990

Reference edition (in this Web site):

Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-407-1

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

From the founding of Neskaya Tower... to the origins of the Free Amazons... to a Terran innocently enmeshed in a Darkovan conspiracy of betrayal and murder, here are exciting new excursion into the six ages of Darkover.

Join Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Friends of Darkover as they reveal previously unknown legends and lore about one of the most fascinating worlds in the annals of science fiction and fantasy. Let the world of the Bloody Sun works its magic on you as: an Aldaran assassin plies in her trade... while Leonie Hastur us drawn along the trail of a matrix of sword and fire... and even laran-gifted are caught up in a maelstrom of madness when the Ghost Wind begins to blow...


  • Acurrhir Todo; Nada Perdonad by Deborah Wheeler
  • An Object Lesson by Mercedes Lackey
  • Beginnings by Cynthia Drolet
  • Clingfire by Patricia Duffy Novak
  • Death in Thendara by Dorothy J. Heydt
  • Firetrap by Elisabeth Waters and Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Friends by Judith K. Kobylecky
  • Manchild by L. D. Woeltjen
  • Just a Touch... by Lynne Armstrong-Jones
  • Mind-eater by Joan Marie Verba
  • Mists by Meg Mac Donald
  • Our Little Rabbit by Mary K. Frey
  • The Gift From Ardais by Barbara Denz
  • The Horse Race by Diann S. Partridge
  • The Plague by Janet R. Rhodes
  • The Tapestry by Micole Sudberg
  • To Serve Kihar by Judith Sampson

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