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Characters of The Winds of Darkover

by Petri Peltonen

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them), the other characters who appear in the novel and finally characters which are only mentioned in the novel :
  • Main characters:
    • Daniel Firth Barron, Terran officer at Flight Dispatch Tower in Thendara Spaceport.
    • Melitta Storn, younger sister of Lord Storn, about 16 years old.
    • Loran Rakhal Storn, her older brother, Lord Storn.
    • Desideria Leynier, foster-daughter of Lord and Lady Aldaran, a leronis, about 16 years old.
  • Important characters:
    • Brynat Scarface, a bandit who has captured Castle Storn at High Windward.
    • Allira Storn, Desideria's older sister, forcibly married to Brynat, about 22.
    • Lerrys Montray, Larry, Lord Alton's Terran foster-son, about 19.
    • Valdir Alton, Lord Alton.
    • Kermiac Aldaran, Lord Aldaran, Desideria's guardian, middle aged.
  • Other characters:
    • Edric Storn, younger brother of Lord Storn, 15.
    • Kerstal, Voice of Lord Rannath of Carthon, of the house of Greystone.
    • Colryn and Gwynn, Alton guardsmen.
    • Mallinson, Terran Coordinator of Spaceport Activities for the Terran Zone of Darkover.
    • Bat-ears, Brynat's sword bearer.
    • Old One of the forge-folk.
    • three men of the forge-folk.
    • Reuel.
    • several mercenaries and bandits of Brynat's band.
    • several members of the forgefolk and people from the villages near High Windward.
  • Characters only mentioned, not actually appearing in the story:
    • Lord Rannath, Lord of Carthon.
    • Domenic Lanart, a relative of Valdir Alton.
    • his eldest son, offered in marriage to Melitta when they were children (this could be the Gabriel Lanart from "The Heritage of Hastur" and "Sharra's Exile", husband of Javanne Hastur).
    • Desideria's three sisters, training in Aldaran as matrix workers.
    • Lady Aldaran, kin to Storns.
    • Melitta's grandmother, whose kinfolk had been Leyniers.

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