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Characters of Thendara House

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Magda Lorne (aka. Magdalene Lorne, Margali n'ha Ysabet): Terran Intelligence Agent; one-time wife of Peter Haldane; Member of the Guild of Renunciates.
    • Jaelle n'ha Melora (aka Jaelle Aillard): Member of the Guild of Renunciates; cousin of Rohanna Ardais, Lorill and Leonie Hastur, Princess Jerana Elhalyn-Aillard; sister of Valentine Aillard.
    • Peter Haldane: Terran Intelligence Agent; freemate husband of Jaelle n'ha Melora; one-time husband of Magda Lorne.

  • Important characters:
    • Camilla n'ha Kyria: Member of the Guild of Renunciates; Daughter of Lorill Hastur; cousin to Jaelle n'ha Melora, Rohanna Ardais, and Princess Jerana Elhalyn-Aillard.
    • Allesandri Li: Terran, Special Representative of the Senate at Head Center
    • Andrew Carr: Terran; Freemate husband of Callista Lanart-Carr; Brother-in-law of Damon Ridenow, Regent of Alton.

  • Other characters:
    • Russell Montray: Temporary Coordinator of the Terran Headquarters
    • Wade Montray: Russell Montray's son; Terran Intelligence Agent.
    • Bethany Kane: Terran Civil Servant at Headquarters
    • Cholayna Ares: Head of Intelligence at Terran Headquarters.
    • Robert Kadarin: Intelligence Agent for Terran Headquarters.
    • Rafaela n'ha Doria: Member of the Guild of Renunciates; Business partner of Jaelle n'ha Melora.
    • Keitha n'ha Casilda: New Member of the Guild of Renunciates
    • Shann MacShann: Keitha's husband
    • Marisela: Member of the Guild of Renunciates; Member of the Sisterhood; Midwife.
    • Ferrika: Member of the Guild of Renunciates; Midwife at Armida; Member of the Forbidden Tower.
    • Mother Lauria n'ha Andrea: Guild Mother of Thendara House
    • Byrna: pregnant Renunciate
    • Errol: father of Byrna's child
    • Doria n'ha Graciela (or Rafaela): Member of the Guild of Renunciates; Rafaela's foster-daughter;
    • Irmelin, Rezi, Gwennis, Janetta, Maruca, Viviana, Felicia, Cloris, Dika: Renunciates at Thendara House
    • Annelys: Renunciate from Neskaya Guild House
    • Raimon, Edric, Gaffer Kazel: firefighters at Armida
    • Lorill Hastur: Regent of the Comyn
    • Danvan Hastur: Lorill's son
    • Rohanna Ardais: Lady of Ardais; cousin of Jaelle n'ha Melora, Lorill and Leonie Hastur, and Princess Jerana Elhalyn-Aillard; sister of Sabrina and Marelie
    • Valentine Aillard: Jaelle n'ha Melora's brother; Officer in the Guards
    • Darrell son of Darnak: Childhood friend of Margali's from Caer Donn
    • Damon Ridenow: Regent of Alton; husband of Ellemir Lanart-Ridenow; Keeper of the Forbidden Tower
    • Hilary Syrtis-Castamir: Wife of Colin Syrtis; Member of the Forbidden Tower
    • Felix Syrtis: son of Hilary and Colin Syrtis

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