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Characters of The spell sword

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Damon Ridenow: Cousin to Callista Lanart-Alton and Ellemir Lanart-Alton; youngest son of the Ridenow Domain.
    • Callista Lanart-Alton: Keeper at Arilinn, under Leonie Hastur; twin sister of Ellemir; cousin of Damon Ridenow.
    • Ellemir Lanart-Alton: She is twin sister to Callista of Arilinn, cousin of Damon Ridenow.
    • Andrew Carr: Terran Space Service worker.
    • Esteban-Gabriel-Rafael Lanart: Lord Alton, and father to Callista and Ellemir. Known as the best swordsman on Darkover.

  • Important characters:
    • Domenic Lanart: Oldest living son of Esteban Lanart, and heir to Armida.
    • Eduin: chief officer of the Armida Guardsmen.
    • Leonie Hastur: Keeper of Arilinn; twin sister of Lorill Hastur.

  • Other characters:
    • Rannan: A Guardsman.
    • Cyril: Coridom of Armida
    • Bethiah: foster-mother to Ellemir and Callista.
    • Stanforth and Mattingly: crew of the Mapping and Exploration Plane that crashed in the Hellers.
    • Reidel: Guardsmen, paxman to Damon's father.
    • Conan, Caradoc, Marcos: Guardsmen who fought alongside Esteban against the catmen. Marcos died from his injuries, while Caradoc is healed by Damon's laran.
    • Cormac: villager in Corresanti, one-time friend of Damon's.

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