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Characters of Stormqueen!

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Donal Delleray (aka Donal of Rockraven): Son of Aliciane of Rockraven; foster son of Mikhail Aldaran; husband of Dorilys Aldaran and Regent of Aldaran.
    • Mikhail Aldaran: Lord of Aldaran; father of Dorilys Aldaran
    • Dorilys Aldaran: Daughter and heir of Mikhail Aldaran and Aliciane of Rockraven; wife of Donal Delleray.
    • Allart Hastur of Elhalyn: Heir to the throne, later became King; husband of Cassandra Aillard.
    • Renata Leynier: Monitor at Hali tower; lover of Donal Delleray; third wife of Mikhail Aldaran; mother of heir to Aldaran.

  • Important characters:
    • Aliciane of Rockraven: barragana of Mikhail Aldaran; mother of Donal Delleray and Dorilys Aldaran.
    • Cassandra Aillard: Future Queen; wife of Allart Hastur; Monitor at Hali Tower
    • Rakhal Aldaran of Scathfell: younger brother of Mikhail; Lord of Scathfell
    • Stephen Hastur: Younger brother of King Regis II; father of Damon-Rafael and Allart Hastur
    • Damon-Rafael Hastur: Oldest son of Stephen Hastur, and heir to the throne; brother of Allart Hastur; husband of Cassilde Aillard
    • Coryn Hastur: Keeper of Hali Tower; cousin of Allart Hastur

  • Other characters:
    • Lade Deonara: Lady of Aldaran, wife of Mikhail Aldaran.
    • Margali: household leronis of Aldaran; foster-mother of Dorilys upon Deonara's death
    • Mayra: Lady Deonara's robing-woman; cursed Aldaran and his line
    • Lady Elisa: music mistress of Dorilys
    • Kyril: ranger at a fire station of Aldaran
    • Kathya: old woman at Aldaran
    • Cassilde Aillard-Hastur: wife of Damon-Rafael Hastur
    • Prince Felix: Son of King Regis II; heir to the throne; emmasca
    • King Regis II: Older half-brother of Stephen Hastur
    • Karinn: laranzu at Syrtis
    • Marius Syrtis: Lord of Syrtis
    • Father Master: Allart's Master at Nevarsin
    • Lella, Rella, Ria, Tia: riyachia's in the Syrtis House
    • Arzi and Rosaura: workers at Tramontana Tower
    • Ian Mikhail of Storn: Keeper of Tramontana Tower
    • Mira, Barak, Arielle: Workers in Coryn's circle at Hali Tower

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