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Characters of Star of danger

by Petri Peltonen

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them), the other characters who appear in the novel and finally characters which are only mentioned in the novel:
  • Main characters:
    • Larry Montray, a Terran boy arriving to Darkover with his father, 16 years old three months ago.
    • Kennard Alton, son of Lord Alton, befriends Larry.
  • Important characters:
    • Wade Montray, Larry's father.
    • Valdir Alton, Kennard's father, Lord Alton.
    • Lorill Hastur, Lord Hastur and Regent for the Crown.
    • Cyrillon des Trailles (Cyrillon of the Forest Roads), a bandit of Kilghard Hills.
    • Commander Reade, Terran Legate.
    • Narad-zinie, a chieri in the Kilghard Hills.
  • Other characters:
    • Rick Steward, Larry's Terran friend.
    • Rannirl, an Alton guardsman.
    • Garin, a dying ranger in the Kilghards.
    • Balhar, a dead ranger in the Kilghards.
    • Janine, a leronis, Keeper of the Arilinn Tower.
    • Kyro, a bandit.
    • Rhhomi, a trailman with a festering wound in his leg, cured by Kennard and Larry.
    • Old One, leader of the trailman tribe.
  • Characters only mentioned, not actually appearing in the story:
    • Dyan Ardais, Kennard's cousin and friend, heir to Ardais.
    • Larry Montray's Darkovan mother, died when he was too young to remember her at all, of Aldaran kindred.
    • Lord of Carthon, a legendary figure, father of Hastur.
    • Kierestelli, a legendary figure, mother of Hastur.
    • Hastur, a legendary figure, their son, the forefather of all the Hastur-kin.
    • Cassilda, a legendary figure, his beloved, foremother of all the Hastur-kin.

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