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Star of Danger


First publication:
Ace in 1965

Reference edition (in this Web site)
Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-607-4

Foreign editions:
  • in french: "L'étoile du danger" published by Pocket in 1988
  • in german: "Die Kräfte der Comyn" (The powers of Comyn) published by Moewig bei Ullstein in 1994
  • in italian: "Ritorno a Darkover" (Comeback to Darkover) published by TEA2 in 1993
  • in japanese: "Harukanaru Chikyu-teikoku" published by TOKYO SOGENSHA Co., Ltd. in 1986
  • in portuguese: "Estrela do Perigo" published by Editora Imago (Brazil) in 1994


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City of Sorcery The Winds of Darkover
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The Bloody Sun The Winds of Darkover

This novel is the twelfth in the Darkover time. It is the third in the publication time.

Reading guide

Darkover history period:
Against the Terrans-The first Age (Recontact)
What to read before and after:
Nothing! This novel is standalone but gives a good introduction to the Montray and Alton families which will play an important role in the modern Darkover history. Moreover, Larray Montray, the central character of the novel is involved in The Winds of Darkover.
This novel describes the meeting of Larry Montray and Kennard Alton: this is a quite important meeting for Darkover history (as in The Bloody Sun, The Heritage of Hastur, etc.)

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

Although the natives of Darkover are the descendants of a long-lost Terran colony ship, they distrust the Terran spacers who have recently taken up residence on their planet. Many feel that these strangers from space have the power to disrupt the entire society of Darkover. et despite the mutual prejudice between the peoples of Earth and Darkover, Terran Larry Montray and Kennard Alton, the heir of the Alton Domain, forge a bond of friendship which flourishes even in the face of their families disapproval.

And when Larry and Kennard are forced to combine Darkover matrix magic with Terran technology to stand against a mutual enemy, will their personal alliance fracture the stability of both their cultures and bring about a new era in the Terran-Darkovan relations?

More about the novel

  • a summary of the novel (this summary contains the complete story!).
  • a list of involved characters

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