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Characters of Sharra's Exile

More than thirty characters are involved in Sharra's. But in fact, only few characters are precisely described and play a really important role in the novel (main characters). Other characters are also very important as many events won't happen without them (important characters). But they are not as precisely described as the main characters. We don't know many things about they thoughts and feelings for instance. Finally, a lot of less important characters (other characters) appear in the novel. This classification is a bit personal and arbitrary.
  • Main characters:
    • Lew Alton: hero of the novel, perhaps the most important character. He is the narrator of one chapter out of two.
    • Regis Hastur: second hero of the novel.
  • Important characters:
    • Diotima Ridenow: Young woman of the Ridenow familly, Lew's wife.
    • Callina Lindir-Aillard: former Arilinn Keeper, she is now the attendant of Ashara.
    • Danilo Syrtis: Regis Hastur's closest friend (they are sworn brothers) and bodyguard. Keeper of Ardais.
    • Robert Raimon Kadarin: main instigator of Sharra's awakening. A very important character in the whole Darkover "recent" history.
    • Thyra Darriell: Kadarin's "wife". Nearly as important as him.
    • Beltran Aldaran: Lew Alton's "cousin". Main instigator of Sharra's awakening with Kadarin.
    • Dyan Ardais: heir of Ardais domain. He is really important in this novel as a "technical" character, but not as precisely described as in the Heritage of Hastur.
    • Kennard Alton: Lewis Alton's father. He is quite important at the beginning of this novel.
    • Ashara: very old (almost legendary) keeper of the Comyn Castle tower, presumably the oldest tower on Darkover.
    • Rafe Scott: captain in the Terran Space Force, former member of Sharra's circle.
    • Kathie Marshall: young nurse who takes care of Dio on Vainwal. Linnell's Cherilly twin.
  • Other characters:
    • Marja Alton: daughter of Lew and Thyra.
    • Danvan Hastur: Regis Hastur's grand-father. Regent of the Comyn.
    • Javanne Hastur-Lanart: Regis Hastur's sister.
    • Gabriel Lanart-Hastur: Javanne's husband, Commander of the Guards. Gabriel is related to Alton familly.
    • Dan Lawton: half-terran, half-darkovan, terran Legate.
    • Marius Montray-Lanart: Lewis Alton's brother.
    • Andres: terran, Alton domain intendant (Armida).
    • Damon Lanart-Aillard (aka Jeff Kerwin Jr): Second in the Arilinn Tower, cousin of Kennard Alton.
    • Lerrys Ridenow: Edric Ridenow's youngest brother.
    • Merryl Lindir-Aillard: Half brother of Callina Lindir-Aillard. Derik's closest friend and Dyan's minion.
    • Linnell Aillard: Lewis Alton's foster-sister and Canilla Lindir-Aillard's sister. Derik Elhalyn is her fiancÚ.
    • Derik Elhalyn: Heir of the Elhalyn domain. Derik is mentally retarded and his crowning has been deferred by the Comyn Council. He has betrothed Linnell Aillard.
    • Geremy Ridenow: One of Edric Ridenow's brothers.
    • Edric Ridenow: Serrais Lord.
    • Auster Ridenow: One of Edric Ridenow's brothers.
    • Crystal di Asturien: mother of Regis' first nedestro child.
    • "Lord" di Asturien: father of Crystal.
    • Dr DiVario: a young Terran doctor who takes care of Dio on Vainwal.
    • Ruyven di Asturien: second-in-command of the Guards.
    • Lilla and Maruca: young matrix technicians.
    • Erril: valet in the Comyn Castle.
    • Hjalmar: Guard in the Comyn Castle.
    • Dr Allison: yound doctor in the Terran HQ.

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