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Sharra's Exile


First publication:
Daw in 1981

Reference edition (in this Web site)
Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-309-1

Foreign editions:
  • in french: "L'exil de Sharra" published by Pocket in 1991
  • in german: "Sharras Exil" published by Moewig bei Ullstein in 1994
  • in italian: "L'esilio di Sharra" published by Casa Editrice NORD in 1983
  • in portuguese: "O Exílio de Sharra" published by Editora Imago (Brazil) in 1994
  • in spanish: "El exilio de Sharra" published by Ediciones B in 1991


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This novel is the seventeenth in the Darkover time. It is the thirteenth in the publication time.


This novel is a complete rewrite of The Sword of Aldones published by Ace in 1962. Therefore, The Sword of Aldones is the real second Darkover novel published by Marion. But as this version has now disappeared, I have decided not to include it in this review. The chapter two of book one (pages 39 to 57) of Sharra's Exile was already published in a slightly different form as a short story: Blood will tell in The keeper's price.

There were some foreign editions of The Sword of Aldones:
  • in German: "Das Schwert des Aldones" published by Moewig bei Ullstein in 1994
  • in Italian: "La Spada di Aldones", published by TEA2 in 1994
  • in Japanese: "Aldone-no Ken", published by TOKYO SOGENSHA Co., Ltd in May 1987

Reading guide

Darkover history period:
Against the Terrans-The Second Age (After the Comyn)
What to read before and after:
Sharra's Exile is the sequel of The Heritage of Hastur.
This great novel is a wonderful end of the Sharra based novels. You can read it alone, but you will surely miss something if you do not read The Heritage of Hastur.

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

The most dangerous matrix on all Darkover was the legendary Sharra. Embodied in the image of a chained woman, wreathed in flames, it was the last remaining weapon of the Ages of Chaos that had almost destroyed civilization on the planet of the Bloody Sun.

The Sharra had been exiled off-planet among the far stars of the Terran Empire in the custody of Lew Alton... until he found himself called back to his homeworld to contest his rights.

But once the Sharra was back, the flaming image spread and wide--and set in motion events that were to change the land, the domains, and the future of Darkover forever.

My personal opinion

Marvelous. I think that Sharra's Exile is one of the best Darkover novel (with The Heritage of Hastur). Once again, the most interesting part of this novel is the psychological background given to the most important characters. The tragical aspect is also important as Destiny seems to set upon Lew Alton and Regis Hastur, trying to ruin Lew's life and to destroy Regis' dreams and artlessness. Another important aspect is the quite complex plot which is rather uncommon in Marion's novels. This plot is very interesting and gives another dimension to the novel, making it more suitable as an introduction novel to the Darkover world.

More about the novel

  • a summary of the novel (this summary contains the complete story !).
  • a list of involved characters.

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