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Some inconsistencies between Rediscovery and the Darkover world

There are a lot of inconsistencies between Rediscovery and the rest of the Darkover novels. I have included a very short list of some of them in my presentation of this novel, but I have also received some comments from readers that I have decided to include here. Feel free to send me your personnal comments.

From Sonja Hutchinson:

I liked your notes on Rediscovery - I, too, was really disappointed with the inconsistencies. The one that bothers me the most is the age and/or parentage of Camilla n'ha Kyria. If Lorill Hastur was her father (see City of Sorcery), and Camilla is nearly 20 years older than Magda Lorne (Shattered Chain), then Elizabeth Lorne COULD NOT have been pregnant with Magda at the end of the book. In fact, she could not have birthed Magda for another 20 years, which puts her in her mid-50's (not impossible, but not likely). I agree with you completely - Rediscovery is a great story, but doesn't fit at all within the Darkover timeline.

From Eve Rickert

Eve thinks the inconsistencies are not so bad between Rediscovery and the rest of the Darkover novels. She proposes a possible answer to some problems:
I think you can make it fit, just barely, if you make a little bit of a stretch. The biggest problem is that Magda is supposed to be Elisabeth's daughter. The only way you can make that fit is by assuming that Elisabeth had Magda at some incredibly late age, say 45. Figure she landed on Darkover when she was 24. Leonie is 16 in Rediscovery, and Magda is 26 at the beginning of Thendara House, so that would make Leonie 63 at the beginning of Thendara House. Which isn't quite the "crone" that she as described as, especially considering that people on Darkover tend to live a lot longer than we on Earth are used to, but it's close enough. Anyway, she's had a pretty rough life, maybe it aged her before her time. Then if we figure that Leonie was 25 or so when she neutered the 14-year-old Camilla, that would put Camilla at 52 in Thendara House. I figure that Thendara House occurred about 5 years after The Forbidden Tower, which would have put Leonie at 58 during the forbidden Tower, and probably about 40 when she sent Damon away from Arilinn. Damon says in The Spell Sword that she was 20 years his senior, so Damon would have been about 38 in The Forbidden Tower. All of which works out just about right, unless I'm missing something...
The main trouble with Eve's answer is that given this scheme, Kermiac is even older: we definitely know because of The Bloody Sun that Cleindori's birth happened about 63 years before The Heritage of Hastur. If Madga was born 20 years after the Rediscovery, we need to add about 45 years between the landing and Cleindori's birth (because her mother Jaelle is younger than Madga and was at least 24 when she gave birth to Cleindori). Therefore, the Rediscovery happened around 105 years before The Heritage of Hastur and Kermiac should be around 140 in this novel. Once again, this sounds a little bit too much, even for a someone with chieri blood...

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