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Characters of Rediscovery

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Elizabeth Mackintosh: Anthropologist and meteorologist aboard the starship Minnesota; Wife of David Lorne and mother of Magda Lorne.
    • Ysaye Barnett: Computer Engineer aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • David Lorne: Linguist and Xenocartographer aboard the starship Minnesota; Husband of Elizabeth Mackintosh.
    • Lorill Hastur: Heir of Istvan Hastur; twin brother of Leonie Hastur.
    • Leonie Hastur: Keeper-in-training at Arilinn; twin sister of Lorill Hastur
    • Kermiac Aldaran: Lord of Aldaran; Husband of Margali Aldaran; father of Thyra Darriel.

  • Important characters:
    • Robert Raymond Kadarin: Kermiac Aldaran's paxman; three-quarters chieri, one quarter human.
    • Captain Enoch Gibbons: Captain of the starship Minnesota.
    • Ryan Evans: Xenobotanist aboard the starship Minnesota
    • Ralph MacAran: Second Officer aboard the starship Minnesota.

  • Other characters:
    • Lady Margali Aldaran: Lady of Aldaran; wife of Kermiac Aldaran
    • Felicia Darriel: Foster-sister of Margali Aldaran; mother of Kermiac Aldaran's child; wife of Zeb Scott.
    • Mariel Aldaran: Younger sister of Kermiac Aldaran.
    • Thyra Darriel: Daughter of Felicia Darriel and Kermiac Aldaran.
    • Melissa di Asturien: chaperone and companion of Leonie on her journey from Castle Hastur to Dalereuth Tower.
    • Derek: rider in Leonie's escort to Dalereuth Tower.
    • Fiora: Keeper at Dalereuth Tower. Leonie's first matrix teacher.
    • Carlina: worker at Dalereuth Tower.
    • Rohanna Aillard: Girl-in-training at Dalereuth Tower
    • Melora Aillard: Girl-in-training at Dalereuth Tower
    • Marlie Hastur: Keeper of Arilinn Tower; Trained Leonie as Keeper.
    • Ysabet: Healer at Arilinn Tower.
    • Marisa: Worker at Aldaran Tower
    • Matt Britton: Head of the Sciences Section aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • Dr. Aurora Lakshman: Physician aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • Darwin Mettier: Physician aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • John Haldane: Science crewmember aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • Tandy: Technician aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • Jessica Duval: Lieutenant aboard the starship Minnesota.
    • Grant Kelly: Crewmember of the starship Minnesota.

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