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First publication:
Daw in 1993

Reference edition (in this Web site)
Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-561-2

Foreign editions:
  • in french: "Redécouverte" published by Pocket in 1994
  • in german: "An den Feuern von Hastur" (By the fires of Hastur) published by Moewig bei Ullstein in 1994
  • in italian: "Darkover: La Riscoperta" (Darkover: the rediscovery) published by TEA2 in 1995


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This novel is the sixth in the Darkover time. It is the eighteenth in the publication time.


This Novel was written with Mercedes Lackey.

Reading guide

Darkover history period:
Against the Terrans-The first Age (Recontact)
What to read before and after:
Nothing! This novel is a standalone one.
This novel describes the second "founding" of Darkover, when the Terrans rediscover their lost colony. But the novel is quite different from Darkover Landfall, because it introduces also a lot of characters who will appear in other novels. The main trouble is that this introduction is not compatible with other novels! I think therefore that it can be read before reading other novels of the recontact period, but without thinking about it as the true version of the rediscovery.

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

Leonie Hastur, headstrong and lovely daughter of the Hastur Clan, most powerful of all the telepathic families who rule Darkover, is being escorted by a twin brother Lorill to Dalreuth Tower for training in the use of her psychic powers. Although this is the event she has long dreamed of -- for her laran is so strong that she has been able to use it without benefit of training or the need of a matrix crystal -- and she yearns for the power which will come to her if she succeeds in becoming a Keeper, she is deeply disturbed. For she is plagued by a terrifying premonition that haunts her days and disrupts her nights, the inescapable feeling that something is about to happen -- something monumental and dangerous which will descend upon her world and change it utterly. And all she knows for certain is that this something will be coming from one of Darkover's four moons...

My personal opinion

Rediscovery is a quite difficult novel to review. If you just read it without connecting it to the Darkover cycle, you will probably enjoy it. I think the plot is really good, and once again Marion and Mercedes show that they are talented writers. In fact, if you are not Darkover addicted, but just a simple fan, you will probably really enjoy Rediscovery as it tells an important part of the Darkover history and allows you to meet again with interesting characters such as Kermiac Aldaran or Kadarin. But the main trouble is that Rediscovery is totally incompatible with the rest of Darkover novels, especially with the best one (to my mind), The Heritage of Hastur. Let me list some inconsistencies:

In Rediscovery In The Heritage of Hastur
Kermiac Aldaran is around 35 when the Terrans land on Darkover When Kermiac is "not much more than a boy" when the Terrans start to build the astroport in Thendara
Kermiac's sister, Mariel is around 15 when the Terrans land on Darkover, far younger than him Kermiac is "not much more than a boy" when Mariel decides to marry to the Terran Wade Montray
Kermiac wife's name is Marguerida Kermiac wife's name is Lauretta

I really feel betrayed by Marion with Rediscovery. Small inconsistencies such as name errors are not really important, but the main trouble is the amount of time between the rediscovery and The Heritage of Hastur. We must keep in mind for instance that Cleindori is the daughter of Jaelle who is younger than Magda Lorne. Jaelle had at least 24 when she gave birth to Cleindori. So, as Madga was born on Darkover, the Terran arrived at least 25 years before Cleindori's birth, which happened 53 years before the events told in The Bloody Sun. At this moment, Kennard Alton was still working at Arilinn, about 10 years before The Heritage of Hastur (when Lew Alton was 10). So the Terrans rediscovered Darkover at least 90 years before The Heritage of Hastur. If Rediscovery were true, Kermiac would have at least 125 years. This sounds at bit too much...

Because of these problems, I think that Rediscovery is not a really good novel.

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