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Portuguese edition of the Darkover novels

The following table gives a list of Portuguese version of the Darkover novels, ordered by historical rank.
English titlePortuguese titlePublisher Date
Darkover Landfall A Chegada em Darkover Editora Imago (Brazil) 1989
Stormqueen! Rainha da Tempestade Editora Imago (Brazil) 1988
Hawkmistress! A Dama do Falcão Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
Two to Conquer Dois para Conquistar Editora Imago (Brazil) 1988
The Heirs of Hammerfell Os Herdeiros de Hammerfell Editora Imago (Brazil) 1992
The Shattered Chain A Corrente Partida Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
The Spell Sword A Espada Encantada Editora Imago (Brazil) 1992
The Forbidden Tower A Torre Proibida Editora Imago (Brazil) 1993
Thendara House A Casa de Thendara Editora Imago (Brazil) 1990
City of Sorcery Cidade da Magia Editora Imago (Brazil) 1991
Star of Danger Estrela do Perigo Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
The Bloody Sun O Sol Vermelho Editora Imago (Brazil) 1996
The Heritage of Hastur A Herança de Hastur Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
Sharra's Exile O Exílio de Sharra Editora Imago (Brazil) 1994
The World Wreckers Os Destruidores de Mundos Editora Imago (Brazil) 1995

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