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The Planet Savers


First publication:
Ace in 1958

Reference edition (in this Web site)
Daw Books, ISBN 0-88677-630-9

Foreign editions:
  • in french: "Projet Jason" (Jason Project) published by Pocket in 1990
  • in german: "Retter des Planeten (part of Die Welt der Marion Zimmer Bradley)" published by Moewig bei Ullstein in 1994
  • in italian: "Le foreste di Darkover" (Darkover forests) published by TEA2 in 1996
  • in japanese: "Wakusei Kyushutsu Keikaku" published by TOKYO SOGENSHA Co., Ltd. in 1986


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The Heritage of Hastur Sharra's Exile
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First novel The Bloody Sun

This novel is the sixteenth in the Darkover time. It is the first in the publication time.

Reading guide

Darkover history period:
Against the Terrans-The Second Age (After the Comyn)
What to read before and after:
You can read The Heritage of Hastur before in order to obtain information about Regis Hastur, but this is not at all mandatory. The main character, Jason, has an important role in The World Wreckers.
A short novel which is quite artificially related to Darkover. But interesting.

"Official" presentation (from Daw Books)

Originally published in Amazing Stories in December 1958, this was the very first Darkover novel to see print. It was here readers were first introduced to the now-legendary world of Cottman IV, at a time when the Terrans are desperately seeking a cure to a disease of epidemic proportions which threatens the lives of Darkovans and Terrans alike.

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