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Darkover Novels : the building of a planet biography

Darkover is described by twenty one novels. Most of them have been written by Marion Zimmer Bradley alone. Rediscovery is a collaboration between Mercedes Lackey and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Exile's Song, The Shadow Matrix and Traitor's Sun have been written by Marion Zimmer Bradley with Adrienne Martine-Barnes. The novels can ordered with three different orders :

With the help of these three lists you can access to a small page for each novel. Each page describes quickly a novel: it gives its position in the Darkover history, its publication date, a small reading guide (what to read before and after), etc. I have also included for a few novels the "official presentation" printed at the back of the edition I own. In a distant future, each page will give more information about the novel it describes: a complete summary, a list of involved characters, etc.

The Darkover history is not only described in these novels, but also in short stories described in another page.

Many of those novels have been translated into a lot of different languages. You will find a incomplete list of these editions in the foreign edition page.

The results of the poll on prefered Darkover novels conducted on this site might help you to choose among them.

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