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Characters of The Heritage of Hastur

More than thirty characters are involved in The Heritage of Hastur. But in fact, only two characters are precisely described and play a really important role in the novel (main characters). Other characters are also very important as many events won't happen without them (important characters). But they are not as precisely described as the main characters. We don't know many things about they thoughts and feelings for instance. Finally, a lot of less important characters (other characters) appear in the novel. This classification is a bit personal and arbitrary.
  • Main characters:
    • Regis Hastur: hero of the novel. He is involved in more than half of the novel scenes.
    • Lew Alton: second hero of the novel, perhaps the most important. He is the narrator of one chapter out of two.

  • Important characters:
    • Danilo Syrtis: Regis Hastur's closest friend (they are sworn brothers). He appears nearly as frequently as Regis, but he isn't described as precisely as him. We don't know his private thoughts precisely for instance.
    • Marjorie Scott: Lewis Alton's wife, Kermiac's ward.
    • Robert Raimon Kadarin: main instigator of Sharra's awakening. A very important character in the whole Darkover "recent" history.
    • Thyra Darriell: Kadarin's "wife". Nearly as important as him. Marjorie Scott's half sister.
    • Beltran Aldaran: Lew Alton's "cousin". Main instigator of Sharra's awakening with Kadarin.
    • Kennard Alton: Lewis Alton's father. He is not really important in this novel but he is central character in other Darkover novels.
    • Dyan Ardais: heir of Ardais domain. He is not really important in this novel, except as a "deus ex machina": in fact many events find their logical explanations thanks to Dyan actions.
    • Kermiac Aldaran: Aldaran Lord, Lewis Alton's great-uncle and Beltran's father.

  • Other characters:
    • Rafe Scott: Marjorie Scott's brother, member of the Sharra's circle.
    • Danvan Hastur: Regis Hastur's grand-father. Regent of the Comyn.
    • Javanne Hastur-Lanart: Regis Hastur's sister.
    • Gabriel Lanart-Hastur: Javanne's husband, officer in the Comyn's Guard.
    • Dom Felix Syrtis: Danilo Syrtis's father.
    • Dan Lawton: half-terran, half-darkovan, related to Ardais domain, terran Legate assistant.
    • Marius Montray-Lanart: Lewis Alton's brother.
    • Andres: terran, Alton domain intendant (Armida).
    • Julian MacAran et Damon MacAnndra: Comyn Guard cadets, sworn brothers.
    • Domenic di Asturien: old and very respected fencing master. Cadet master during a few hours at the beginning of the novel.
    • Edric Ridenow: Serrais Lord.
    • Lerrys Ridenow: Edric Ridenow's youngest brother.
    • Callina Lindir-Aillard: Neskaya Leronis (Arilinn Keeper at the end of the novel).
    • Donnell Ramsay: Terran Legate (assistants: Lauren Meredith and Reade Andrusson).
    • Linnell Aillard: Lewis Alton's foster-sister and Canilla Lindir-Aillard's sister.
    • Linnea Storn-Lanart: Javanne Hastur's cousin. Kennard Alton tries to arrange a marriage between her and his oldest son, Lewis.
    • Desideria Storn: old Leronis in Storn Castle (situated in the mountains near Aldaran). One of the most important characters in The Winds of Darkover.

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