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Summary of The heirs of Hammerfell

by Laura Lulli

In the Hellers, Storns and Hammerfells are still fighting for their lands. When the only son of the Duke Rascard dies in the hands of the Storns, Erminie, the young leronis that was in love with him, decides to marry the Duke, in order to give him another heir, to take the place of her dead love, Alaric.
And indeed she give birth to the twins Alester and Conn; Alester was born first, but Conn inherited his mother's laran.

But the war with the Storns is not over, and in a great fire Rascard loses his life, while his wife runs away with the babies and the loyal Markos. Unluckily Erminie loses Markos and Conn during the escape and reaches Thendara alone with Alester.

We find her there many years later, being a leronis in the Tower of Thendara, while her son Alester is a young dandy at the Court of the king Hastur. Alester gets engaged with Floria, a young leronis, daughter of Edric Elhalyn, Tenerezu of the Tower where Erminie works. Alester plans to move against the Storns, in order to win back his land, and asks the help of the king, but in the meanwhile Conn is coming to Thendara with the same intention. Markos indeed did not die in the escape, but saved little Conn and grew him up as the heir of Rascard, and now sent him to ask the help of the king. Erminie can't believe to her eyes when she sees the son she has ever tought to be lost, but she is very happy, while Alester remarks immediately, that he is the real heir of the Duchy of Hammerfell. Moreover, Conn falls in love with Alester's fiancee, as she share with her the laran that Alester has not. So Alester leaves for Hammerfell to organize the troups, but the fire rages over Storn's land and he has to go and lend a hand. While fighting the fire, a burning tree hits him, but he manage to save Lenisia, Storn's nephew and falls in love with her. So when Conn, Erminie and Floria, together with the soldiers sent by the king, arrive at Hammerfell, the ancient feud is going to be solved forever with a wedding...and Conn can finally confess his love for Floria.

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