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Characters of The heirs of Hammerfell

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Erminie Hammerfell: Dutchess of Hammerfell; mother of Alastair and Conn; wife of Rascard, Duke of Hammerfell.
    • Alastair Hammerfell: Duke of Hammerfell; twin brother of Conn Hammerfell; son of Rascard and Erminie Hammerfell.
    • Conn Hammerfell: Twin brother of Alastair Hammerfell; Son of Rascard and Erminie Hammerfell.

  • Important characters:
    • Markos: foster-father of Conn Hammerfell; loyal soldier of Hammerfell
    • Ardrin of Storn: Lord of Storn; father of Fionn Storn; Uncle of Rupert Storn; Grand-uncle of Lenisa Storn, heir of Storn.
    • Floria Elahlyn: Worker in Thendara Tower; Daughter of Edric Elhalyn; promised wife of Alastair, then married Conn.
    • Gavin Delleray: Composer; friend of Alastair, Conn, and Floria; nephew of Queen Antonella.
    • King Aidan: King at Thendara; husband of Queen Antonella.
    • Lenisa Storn: Heir of Storn; Grand-neice of Lord Ardrin of Storn; Daughter of Rupert Storn.

  • Other characters:
    • Rupert of Storn: Nephew of Ardrin Storn; heir to the throne; killed by Conn Hammerfell.
    • Fionn Storn: Son of Ardrin Storn; heir to Storn; killed in blood feud.
    • Alaric: Son of Rascard and Ellendara Hammerfell; heir to Hammerfell; killed by Storn.
    • Queen Antonella: Wife of King Aidan; Aunt of Gaven Delleray.
    • Valentine Hastur of Elhalyn: Cousin of Erminie's, married her at the end; Worker in Thendara Tower.
    • Merelda: Keeper of Arilinn Tower; emmasca sister of Valentine's
    • Renata Aillard: Emmasca Keeper of Thendara Tower.
    • Edric Elhalyn: Keeper of Thendara Tower; Father of Floria Elhalyn.
    • Gwynn, Deric, Nicolo: Brother's of Floria; sons of Edric Elhalyn.
    • Colin Aldaran of Scathfell: Lord of Scathfell.
    • Geredd: villager near Storn.
    • Dorcas: Innkeeper near Hammerfell
    • Adastor Leskin of the Nest of Shiroh: Trailman who entertained Alastair on his way to Hammerfell.
    • Lilla: village girl that Conn liked.
    • Jarmilla: Foster-mother of Lenisa Storn
    • Ewen: villager of Storn
    • Ruyven, Regis, Lexxas: Rascard's men
    • Rufus, Farren: Conn's men

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