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Characters of Hawkmistress!

by Robert Varga

Many characters are involved in Hawkmistress!. But in fact, only a few of them are precisely described and play a really important role in the novel (main characters). Other characters are also very important as many events won't happen without them (important characters). But they are not as precisely described as the main characters. We don't know many things about they thoughts and feelings for instance. Finally, a lot of less important characters (other characters) appear in the novel. This classification is a bit personal and arbitrary.
  • Main characters:
    • Romilly MacAran: She is the main character in this novel, we see everything through her eyes. She escapes from home at the age of 15, in a disguise of a young boy, when her parents want to marry her to Dom Garris of Scathfell. She meets the exiled King and joins him as hawkmaster without knowing who he really is. She has the MacAran Gift in a very great measure, and this more than once saves her life, but more than once puts her in peril, too.
    • Dom Carlo / King Carolin: The exiled King of the Hasturs of Hali. He is the rightful King of Hasturs, but his cousin Rakhal and his councillor Lyondri Hastur has thrown him down from the throne. We see the events of his retrieving the throne in this novel also, since Romilly has wandered with him through the Hellers nd thus we get her first hand information about the King's exile. He travels in incognito through the Hellers, when Romilly meets him.
    • Lord Orain of Castamir: He is King Carolin's paxman and sworn-brother. He is almost head-blind, and a lover-of-men, due to a forced polictical marriage. This is the cause of his alienation with his son as well. He also travels with the King through his exiles.

  • Important characters:
    • Mikhail MacAran: He is Romilly's father and the MacAran of Falconsward. He had disowned his eldest son, Ruyven, when he went to Tramontana Tower to train his laran against the will of his Father. He also has conflicts with his second son Darren as well, since he expects him to be able to meet the expectations of being Heir to Falconsward, which Darren is unable, since not having the MacAran Gift (and any useful laran at all). He has a degrading opinion of the Towers, and have not trained his laran in one, even though he has the MacAran Gift in full measure. He wants to remain out of the high politics, saying: 'What matters, which geat rogue sits upon the throne of the Hasturs.'
    • Ruyven MacAran: He is Romilly's eldest brother, the eldest son of Dom Mikhail, but has been disowned, after his escape to Tramontana Tower. We meet him as hawkmaster to the King in the war. He is sworn brother to Alderic of Castamir, the son of Orain.
    • Darren MacAran: He is Romilly's elder brother, and is head-blind, therefore having conflicts with his Father. He learned in Nevarsin.
    • Alderic of Castamir: He is the son of Orain of Castamir, and sworn brother to Ruyven MacAran. He arrives at Falconsward few weeks before Romilly's escape from home, and they became friends. We see him again in the last battle against Rakhal. He probably marries Romilly later, but it is not stated anywhere.
    • Caryl Hastur:He is the son of Lyondri Hastur. He receives education at Nevarsin, where he meets Romilly. He shows the exiled the secret path out of Nevarsin, when they have to escape. He remains with them (out of necessity) until they reach Caer Donn. After it he is escorted to Hali by Romilly, Jandria, and some other Swordswomen. Later he helps Romilly and Orain to escape from Hali where Orain was held hostage. He knows nothing of his Father's cruelty until this, and after this he defies him.
    • Lady Jandria: Cousin to Orain, but becomes a Swordswoman. She was the lover of Lyondri Hastur. She is the leader of the Swordswomen, who escort Caryl to Hali. She was fostered together with Carolin. She swore not to raise hand directly against Lyondri Hastur.
    • Lyondri Hastur: Chief Councillor of Rakhal, Father of Caryl. He believed in Rakhal's promises, and now he also sees that he became only a hangman and hard hand of Rakhal. He sent away his son to Nevarsin to rid him from the cruelty of the war, and seeks to impose a good view about himself to his son, but he breaks this image with the torturing of Orain, and because of this Caryl opposes him in the end. He is cousin to Carolin, and was fostered together with him.
    • Rakhal Hastur of Elhalyn: Usurper of the throne of King Carolin, but shows not up in this novel. He is headblind according to one of the refugees. He was fostered together with Carolin. He courted Maura, but was rejected.
    • Domna Maura of Elhalyn: Cousin to Rakhal. She was fostered together with Carolin, then went to Tramontana Tower when Rakhal claimed the throne. She lived as pledged virgin there until the war. She sworn not to use laran or arm against blood-kin and so against Rakhal. She marries Carolin and becomes her queen.
    • Ranald Ridenow: Cousin to Domna Maura, joined the army of Carolin. Later helps in the handling of the sentrybirds.

  • Other characters:
    • Alaric: He was a landholder until Lyondri has taken his lands due to his sons hailing King Carolin. His son was taken to fosterage to 'receive proper education', and later dies in summer fever. When Alaric's wife hears of this, dies, and Alaric blames this all on Lyondri.
    • Domna Luciella: Step-mother to Romilly. She is the second wife of Dom Mikhail. She has a strict image of what is proper for a lady, and tries to regulate Romilly to this image. She is Rael's mother.
    • Rael MacAran: Youngest son of Dom Mikhail. He will be Heir to Falconsward.
    • Mallina MacAran: Younger sister of Romilly. She becomes married to Dom Garris after Romilly's escape.
    • Domna Calinda: Teacher of the children of Dom Mikhail.
    • Dom Garris of Scathfell: First son of the Lord of Scathfell. We meet him as an old lecher, later asks for Romilly's hand, and Dom Mikhail agrees to the marriage, this being the primary reason of Romilly's escape. He lost two wives in childbirth.
    • Lord Gareth of Scathfell: He is the Father of Dom Garris, Dom Edric, Cathal and Cinhil.
    • Dom Edric of Scathfell: Second son of Lord Gareth of Scathfell. He is blind.
    • Domna Ruanna: Wife of Dom Edric.
    • Cathal of Scathfell: He is third son of Lord Gareth of Scathfell. Twin-brother to Cinhil. He married Darissa of Storn, Romilly's childhood friend.
    • Cinhil of Scathfell: Fourth son of Lord Gareth of Scathfell. Twin-brother to Cathal.
    • Darissa of Storn: Childhood friend to Romilly.
    • Ker: Hawkmaster's apprentice to Davin Hawksmaster.
    • Davin Hawksmaster: Hawkmaster and distant cousin to Dom Mikhail. He taught Romilly a lot of what she knows.
    • Rory: Man in the Kilghard Hills, tries to forcefully marry Romilly.
    • Mhari: Rory's grandmother.
    • Clea: Swordswoman, teaches unarmed combat to Romilly. Dies in battle.
    • Betta and Tina: Swordswomen in the armed camp.
    • Lauria, Mhari, Reba and Shaya: Swordswomen who escorted Caryl to Hali.
    • Lillia, Marga and Merinna: Swordswomen at Caer Donn Hostel.
    • Derek: Steward at Falconsward.
    • Gwennis: Nurse of the MacAran children.
    • Domna Marelie: Leronis from Tramontana. She brought message from Ruyven that he went to Tramontana an stays there. She insisted on letting Romilly also receive training of her laran.

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