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Characters of The forbidden tower

by Sonja Hutchinson

Below is a listing of the main characters (play a really important role in the novel), the important characters (many events won't happen without them) and the other characters who appear in the novel.
  • Main characters:
    • Damon Ridenow: Husband to Ellemir Lanart-Alton and Keeper of the Forbidden Tower.
    • Callista Lanart-Carr: Wife to Terran Andrew Carr and one-time Keeper of Arilinn Tower. Twin sister of Ellemir.
    • Ellemir Lanart-Ridenow: Wife to Damon Ridenow and twin sister of Callista.
    • Andrew Carr: Terran, one-time Civil Servant in Space Service. Husband to Calllista Lanart-Carr.
    • Leonie Hastur: Keeper of Arilinn Tower; twin sister to Lorill Hastur.

  • Important characters:
    • Domenic Lanart: Heir to Armida and Commander of the Guards.
    • Desiderio Leynier (Desi): Unacknowledged nedestro son of Esteban Lanart-Alton. Half-brother of Callista, Ellemir, Dorian, Domenic, and Valdir.

  • Other characters:
    • Esteban Lanart-Alton: Lord Alton of Armida.
    • Marisela and Kieran Ridenow: sister and brother of Damon
    • Lorenzo Ridenow: Lord of Serrais and Damon's oldest brother.
    • Rhodri: hall-steward of Armida
    • Eduin: Chief Officer of the Armida Guardmen.
    • Lauria: riding companion to Leonie when she visits Armida
    • Valentine Aillard: sworn friend to Valdir Alton, heir of Armida.
    • Dorian Ardais-Lanart: older sister to Callista and Ellemir
    • Mikhail Ardais: Dorian's husband, and a nedestro son of Lord Ardais
    • Theolinda: Keeper of Neskaya Tower
    • Ferika: a Renunciate, and midwife of Armida.
    • Caradoc: Guardsman
    • Prince Aran Elhalyn: Reigning Prince of Darkover
    • Lorill Hastur: Regent to Prince Aran Elhalyn; twin brother to Leonie
    • Reino: A villager. Died of exposure.
    • Ramon, Peidro, Darrill: illagers caught in a storm. Damon heals their frostbite using his laran.
    • Varzil the Good: Keeper of Neskaya Tower during the Ages of Chaos.
    • Valdir-Lewis Lanart-Ridenow: Youngest son to Esteban Lanart-Alton. He becomes heir to Alton when his older brother, Domenic, is killed.
    • Margwenn Elhalyn: Underkeeper at Thendara, under Asharra.
    • Rafael Aillard: Telepath from Neskaya who backed Leonie's decision to challenge Damon and his Forbidden Tower.

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