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Renunciates (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

The Renunciates, also known as Free Amazons, are independent females living in a patriarchal society. They do not marry. They serve as guides, escorts, educators, and midwives. (ES113) A Renunciate can take a freemate and have children. She retains her own name and the children take her family name. (ES135)

The Renunciates in Thendara live at Thendara House which is a few blocks from the Terran Sector. It is a large building build of native stone. It has no ground floor windows on the street side of the building. There is a plaque above the doorbell that identifies it. There is a stoop that leads up to the wooden door. (ES115) Off the hall inside the door is a parlor in which visitors can wait. It has rugs on the stone floor and deep upholstered chairs which are worn and a little shabby. There are posters on the wall which appear to have been made by a printing press using movable type. [is the type metal? One assumes the Rununciates have their own press but that is not stated]. One of these posters details the history of the Bridge Society founded by Magda Lorne and Margali n'ha Ysabet but none of this information is recounted here. Another announces a course in mid-wifery. (ES116) The house smells of woodsmoke and rich stews. (ES117)

Adriana n'ha Marguerida is the current head of the Renunciates at Thendara House. (ES116)

Margali n'ha Ysabet is something of a legend in the Renunciates Guild, both for her accomplishments and also because she never returned from her last trip into the Hellers. (ES136)

There is a Horse Market in Thendara at which the Renunciates have their own stall. (ES119) The Renunciates tending horses at this stall wear trousers and tunics. Each one has short hair and wears a knife on her belt. (ES126)

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