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Other Notes (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

Mules are available on Darkover. (ES130) Big bay colored horse mentioned. (ES133) Large gray cat mentioned. (ES145) Chickens are raised. (ES259) Chervines are raised. (ES259)

Illiteracy is common. There is no public education. (ES19)

St. Valentine’s Monastery cited as being so cold people woke up there with snow on their blankets. (ES34)

Thyra is said to be a chieri name. (ES41)

According to one witness, the price of goods has increased in her lifetime. (ES53) [This indicates inflation, perhaps a result of more monetary metal coming into the society as a result of the trading with the terrans, or perhaps it is the result of a growth in the population of the city putting pressure on the supply of goods and services in the city]

A Reis is a unit of currency apparently also called a royal. It is a silver coin worth about three Terran credits. A sekal is another unit of currency, an iron coin worth about three Terran cents. [Based on this it is assumed that one hundred sekals equals one reis.] Five royals will buy a woman a blouse, three or four petticoats, a chemise, and a tunic. Underwear costs seven sekals, stockings four sekals. A cloak of good wool costs three reis, a cloak of leather costs eight reis. (ES53-54)

The Altons have a house in Thendara. (ES87) They also have a suite in the Comyn Castle. (ES398)

Red hair is a common indication of someone being Comyn. (ES87)

The Christofores at Neversin have archives. (ES137)

A man is referred to as a "croaking raven of ill fortune." (ES148)[Presumably there are ravens on Darkover or a bird that is identified as such.]

Servant brings in tureen of soup. (ES181)

Dyan Ardais and Mikhail Hastur addressed as "Lord Ardais" and "Lord Hastur" (ES189)

Ashara Alton was a Keeper at Hali Tower at a time far in the past. Hali was at that time the principal tower on Darkover. She was the most powerful Leronis of her time or any other. Normally a Keeper remains in her tower for life but Ashara was expelled from Hali. She came to Thendara at the time of the building of the original Comyn Castle and became a recluse in a tower of her own construction. She eventually died but her spirit remained to overshadow several keepers. (ES219) Callina Aillard was Keeper at Neskaya during the Sharra Rebellion and was the last known vessel of Ashara Alton. (ES296)

Mikhail Lanart was made Dyan Ardais's Paxman (ES231) [Implied lack of choice ]

The Forbidden Tower existed seventy to seventy-five years ago. (ES233)

Reference to a loaded crossbow and deer hunting. (ES286)

There are thunderstorms on Darkover. (ES315)

Piedro Alar (a minor noble) can read poorly, his wife is illiterate. (ES338)

The Aillard device is feathers. (ES407) The Alton device is a crag with an eagle perched on it. (ES415) The Elhalyn device is a silver tree with a crown over it. (ES428)

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