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Music (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

There is a Music Guild in Thendara. (ES26)

Stringed instruments have star shaped eff holes. (ES28)

Wind instruments on Darkover consist of wooden flutes, bagpipes. (the playing of bagpipes died out on Terra many years ago [the victim of noise pollution laws, perhaps] but continues on Darkover). Brass instruments are rare and are imported from Terran worlds. There are also lutes and the ryll, which is a kind of small hand held harp. (ES37) Josef of Nevarsin who died 150 years before this time is considered by Master Everard (the current Music Guild Master) to have been perhaps the finest ryll maker who ever lived. A signed ryll by Josef was recently sold for a hundred reis, a great deal of money. (ES37) The fiol is a stringed instrument that can be bowed or plucked, and is similar to the Terran violin or viola. (ES43)

A song about the Sharra rebellion was proscribed. (ES42)

Gavin McDougal was a good singer but never joined the guild. (ES141)

Rafaella, who is a Renunciate and not a member of the Music Guild, sometimes sings in taverns in exchange for rounds of drinks. (ES130)

A guitar is available at Ardais, Rafaella also has a guitar. (ES254)

A visiting group of singers consisted of four sisters and their brother. The singers were accompanied by tunes played on a ryll and a hybrid of harp and guitar that is played by being plucked. (ES276)

It is considered unlucky for a sister to sing the song "The Outlaw" in the presence of a brother. (ES277)

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