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Thomas' Exile's Song reading notes: introduction

by Thomas Edsall

These notes are part of an ongoing attempt to extract information about life on Darkover during the latter part of the Terran Age. This information is given varying weight depending on how it is presented in the book. Narrative information is taken as fact, but information given by a person's speech or thought may be taken as representing his or her understanding of something as opposed to way things actually are. Where the person is clearly knowledgeable on the subject the information is accepted as factual. Where it is questionable it is annotated as someone's view or opinion. My own speculations, conclusions, and other comments are in italics within square brackets.

The page number in parenthesis is the page number in Exile's Song (Daw Books, New York 1996, hardback edition) which contained the information cited. The ES is a letter code for this book. At some future time it is intended that this information will be merged with that from other works each of which will be identified with its own letter code. In most cases information is cited the first time it occurs. It is likely that in some cases items have been missed the first time and are cited from a later point (or even missed entirely). Subsequent mention of these items is not normally cited except where it helps build a pattern of typical behavior, ability, or custom.

This information is sorted into broad categories plus an "other" for items that do not seem to fit into them. The categories covered are:

No attempt has been made to extract genealogical or character information as this has been covered elsewhere by others who have done it better than I could.

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