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Food (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

An evening meal of a warm meaty stew with a taste similar to venison is served. Served with it is homemade crusty bread. (ES30)

Porridge was served as breakfast in the guild master's house. (ES33,121) Porridge was served with honey and pitcher of rich cream. (ES122)Breakfast of porridge and tea. (ES140) Porridge for breakfast [again]. (ES146)

A hearty stew and bread is served as the evening meal. (ES138)Bowl of soup, several slices of bread. (ES174) Tureen of soup. (ES181)

Midday meal at the Music Guild Masterís house is thick soup with bread. (ES48)

A meal at a typical cookshop in Thendara consisted of rabbit-horn stew (with thick chunks of meat), a basket of bread, and mug of beer. The stew is flavored with spices. (ES78)

Cup of tea mentioned. (ES63) The tea is flavored with sugar. (ES64) [Where do the sugar and tea come from? The tea is presumably a homegrown product that tastes enough like Terran tea that a person used to Terran tea does not notice the difference. The sugar may be imported or come from some local plant.]

Packed meal: fresh loaf of bread, some cheese, salted meat. (ES142)

Fresh fish lightly buttered and fried. (ES182)

Glass goblets filled with wine. (ES182)

Plate of grain, vegetables, and slab of meat. (ES190)

Bowl of soup and bread on a tray. (ES217)

Mushrooms are cultivated and therefore available for eating. (ES241)

Cereal and fruit for breakfast, brought in by a servant. (ES282)

Drinks available: wine, herb tea, or beer. (ES299)

Imported New Kenyan coffee served with thick cream, thyme honey but no sugar. (ES301)

Midday meal at Armida: trays of cold meat, platters of fruit, loaves of bread. (ES300)

Bread with honey. Thick cream. (ES364)

Dinner at Armida: thick soup, roast meat, custard heavy with dried fruits (ES335)and bread. (ES337) Dessert was thick sweat red pudding served in clear glass bowls. (ES342)

A midday meal at an inn consisted of fresh bread, cheese and fruit. (ES377)

Reference to carrots. (ES387)

Smoked Rabbit-horn (never exported) (ES407)

Goblets of wine. (ES408)

Appetizers consisting of little puffs of pastry filled with spicy meat. (ES408)

Platter of vegtables. (ES410)

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