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Articles of Everyday Life (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

An old man has an ancient bowed ryll. (ES149)

Balm is available for use on dry skin. (ES153)

A horse litter is used to transport a sick person. (ES155)

Lamps and candles light the interior of the Guild Masterís House. (ES49) [Perhaps there are candle and lamp makers in the city, although candles could conceivably be made on the premises.]

Chisels and files are used. (ES54)

Blankets are scented with mountain balsam in the Music Master's household. (ES63)

Coffins are available for use in burials. Coffin makers exist with a supply of coffins ready to sell. (ES75)

Cauldron (ES138)

A fine dress can be bundled in a package made up of oiled paper tied with string. (ES132)

Pen, ink, paper, blotting sand. (ES130)

Wooden cup. (ES142)

Bowl on a tray. (ES217)

Towels used. (ES177)

Tureen (ES181)

Blue and white clay bowls, first non-wooden eating wear seen by Marguerida Alton since her arrival on Darkover. [The eating wear at the Music Master's house must have been wood, which is interesting in a clearly well-to-do establishment.] (ES181)

Glass goblets. (ES182), Glass bowls. (ES342)

Forks. (ES182)

Upholstered Chairs/armchairs (ES116, 192)

Couch (ES192)

Chair, chair beside bed. (ES217,218)

Embroidery Stand (ES192)

Pot of tea. (ES192)

Numbweed, a natural anaesthetic. (ES213)

High square coach mounted on six wheels and pulled by four strong horses. (ES309) The windows of this couch have glass in them. (ES326)

lampions (small oil burning lamps)(ES349)

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