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Country Life (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

There is said to be a problem with forest fires and brigands in the Kilghard Hills. (ES115)

An old woman named Jerana now living in the hills was once the best lyric singer in Thendara (according to one witness). She was born the year before the Terrans came to Aldaran and is therefore over a hundred years old. (ES137) She lives in a well kept cottage and is bent over and toothless. (ES138) Her cottage has a fireplace with a hearth. A cauldron can be heated in this fireplace [is this a metal cauldron? If so is it an object of some value on a metal scarce world?] This cottage has at least two rooms, a main room and a room in the back with a bed big enough for two. (ES138,140)

There is an Inn in a mountain village that has a sign with a deer like animal on it. This Inn has a deep beamed tap room with a number of tables. This room is smoky from wood burning in the fireplace. Beer is served in mugs. A narrow staircase leads up to a hall. There is a front bedroom off this hall. This is a large airy room on the upper floor which has white-washed walls and heavy wooden beams. There is a bathing tub two doors down the hall. (ES144-145)[This village is a days journey from the village over the hill where Jerena lives or four days from Thendara]The village street is muddy from rain (ES146) [unpaved street in village]. One cottage in this village is a hovel with a neglected garden next to the house. The house has a poorly hung wooden door. The room inside the house is dirty and smelly. (ES146-147)

Some people living in the hills hold grudges from the burning and destruction of the city of Caer Donn. The Altons are at least partly blamed for this destruction. (ES148)

There are several mushroom farms in the Kilghard Hills. There are also some mushroom farms that have been abandoned. (ES21)

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