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Comyn Castle (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

The castle is large and has an outer courtyard and at least one balcony is visible from the courtyard. There is a large tower to one side of the complex. The castle is white in color and is at least partly built of translucent stones. >From the direction of the Terran Sector the castle is entered from an outer courtyard through large wooden doors. There are two guards armed with swords at this door into the castle. Several stairs lead up to this door. This door is carved with stars and other designs. The doorway enters into a grand foyer carpeted with fine rugs. The translucent stones let in the sunlight from outside and the walls are hung with armoral banners. Leading off from the foyer is a long hallway hung with paintings. There is a large room that can be used for meetings located off this hallway at some distance from the foyer. (ES90-91) This meeting room has a communications device on the wall.(ES92) There is a garden in a courtyard that can be easily reached from this meeting room. (ES96)

There is a different entryway to the castle in the direction of approach from Armida. This entryway has gates leading to an outer courtyard. There is a carved lintel over the entryway and guards in the Hastur colors of Blue and Silver on either side of the gateway. On one side of this courtyard are stables and on the other what appear to be barracks. The castle is entered from the courtyard through a doorway at the top of some steps. (ES397) If one enters through this door and goes through several corridors and up three flights of stairs and down another corridor one reaches the Alton Suite in the Castle. (ES398)

The Alton Suite is entered through tall double doors. These doors enter into a large living room that has many patterned rugs, large couches, and hangings on the walls. (ES398) There are more rooms off this living room including bedrooms and one or more bathrooms. (ES400,402). Two of the bedrooms at least have huge beds and thick rugs.(ES412,413) The bathroom has a tub and plenty of steaming hot water. (ES402)

The castle has at least one dining room. This dining room has a long table with high backed chairs. On the back of the chairs is painted a silver tree. There are fireplaces in the walls that parallel the long side of the table. (ES408)

There is a formal meeting room in the castle known as the Crystal Chamber. It is a very large round shaped room located on an upper level of the castle. It has extremely large windows of colored glass that fill the room with colored light when sunlight hits them. In the middle of the room is a large round table. Around the table are chairs, some of which are highbacked chairs with the devices of each of the domains carved on it. There are also chairs along the wall of the room. The ceiling of the room is vaulted and has been painted with the four moons of Darkover and a number of stars. There are devices known as telepathic dampers located around the room. These devices are intended to prevent or inhibit the use of laran by those meeting in the room. (ES415-416) There are guardsmen stationed inside the room by the door. (ES424)

There is a terrace with a balustrade on an upper level of the castle that overlooks the city of Thendara. This terrace can be reached using the hallway outside the Crystal Chamber. (ES432)

There are closets in the castle with items from previous residents left in them. (ES404)

There is a legend that there is a labyrinth somewhere inside the castle. (ES220)

Ashara's tower at Comyn Castle is blackened by fire. The roof of the tower was blown off as a result of the destruction of Ashara's tower in the Overworld by Margaret Alton. (ES392)

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