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Clothing worn by inhabitants of Darkover (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

Teenage males dressed in tunics, trousers, calve length cloaks. (ES12) [no hats?, are there hoods on the cloaks?]

Flannel nightgowns are available to wear to bed. (ES31) [Flannel cloth is therefore available.]

Aprons are worn. (ES33)

Black is an uncommon color for clothing because the dyers cannot make a good lasting black dye. Guardsmen wear black cloaks made from black wool. (ES55)

Embroidery is a common decoration for clothing. (ES56)

Rabbit-horn wool, spider silk, and Dry Town cotton are all fabrics available for clothing. (ES58) There is a cotton- like fabric woven from the fibers of the featherpod tree. Wool bearing sheep live in the hills. (ES60)

Five royals will buy a woman a blouse, three or four petticoats, a chemise, and a tunic. Underwear costs seven sekals, stockings four sekals. A cloak of good wool costs three reis, a cloak of leather costs eight reis. Boots cost two or three reis, high boats a few sekals more.(ES53-54)

One example of an outfit of clothing is a dark brown riding skirt worn with a tunic of paler brown. (ES121)

Clothing is available in a russet color. (ES57) Rabbit-horn wool is available in a green color. Spider silk is available in a blue green color. A belt can be dark green. (ES60) Spider silk can also be blue. (ES408)

Woman's outfit: three petticoats each dyed a slightly lighter shade of russet and embroidered with a pattern of green leaves around the hem, a blouse the color of the palest petticoat, and a tunic of very dark russet. There are drawstrings at waist and neck to adjust the fit. (ES58-59)

Silver butterfly clasp for the hair. (ES60)

Comyn ladies do not use tailors (or professional dressmakers) but instead have their servants sew their garments for them. (ES62)

Green and blue apparently common colors in Darkoveran clothing. (ES76)

A formal blue green spider silk gown with silver leaves embroidered around the neck and sleeves. (ES132)

A man presumed to be a Dry Towner was dressed in full trousers which were tucked into crimson boots. He wore a brightly woven tunic and a turban like hat. (ES125)

A travel stained cloak and crimson gown. (ES186)

Clothing scented with balsam. (ES175)

Robe. (ES175)

Soft leather gloves. (ES225)

Silk ladies gloves that are almost elbow length, decorated with fine embroidery at the open end. (ES405)

Gown with ruffles at the throat. (ES263) Another such gown.(ES272)An apricot colored ruff at the throat of a dress. (ES303)

A full green gown and a butterfly clasp for the hair. (ES273)

Russet colored tunic. (ES313)

Cloak and hood. (ES332)

Rose colored tunic with silver mountains embroidered at throat and sleeve. Worn with blue trousers. (ES334)

Bronze colored tunic worn with brown trousers. (ES406)

A woolen shawl smelling of lavender. (ES360)

In embroidery what is called a French knot by Terrans is called a Keepers knot on Darkover. (ES363)

Uniforms in gray and green colors. (ES226)

Guardsmen in Blue and Silver uniforms. (ES397)

Silver slippers with a feather pattern. (ES404)

A dress of blue spider silk with silver embroidery was worn by the wife of the Regent. (ES408)

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