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Armida (Exile's Song reading notes)

by Thomas Edsall

Armida is the Alton stronghold in the Alton Domain. (ES85) It is a four days ride from Ardais (ES259) and somewhat less than a two days ride from Thendara (ES381,ES397). It is located in a valley in the Kilghard Hills and is a large structure of fieldstone and wood. It is much smaller and plainer than Ardais Castle. It is reached by a dirt road between rail fences. (ES260) Some of the stones of the house are translucent, a clear color that is almost silver. (ES262) There is an area paved with stones in a rectangular pattern in front of the house. (ES289) The house has front steps in front of the door. (ES262) This front door is very large. (ES332) Through the front door is an entry hall which has a hardwood floor and benches on either side. (ES264) There is at least one hook to hang clothing from on the wall of this entry hall.(ES333) This hallway extends to the back of the house where a door opens into the Stable Court. (ES324)

Beyond the entry hall is a large living room. This room has a very large fireplace (large enough to roast an ox in). For furniture there are several couches upholstered in dark grays and greens and four or five chairs, one of which at least is a wingback chair. There is a rug on the floor and tapestries on the walls. (ES264) On the wall are lampions (small oil lamps)[what kind of oil do they burn and where does it come from?]. (ES349) At least one of the couches has a throw (or afghan) draped across it. (ES349) There is a large dining room adjoining the living room. It has a large dining table with chairs. (ES275)

Outside the living room is a stairway to an upper floor where there are bedrooms. One bedroom is the Blue Bedroom at the front of the house. This bedroom has a bed large enough for four people, a wardrobe for clothing, a wash stand, two straight back chairs against the wall and two red wingback chairs by a small fireplace. The room is blue in color. The bed curtains are blue and embroidered with stylized figures suggesting mountains. There are several quilts on the bed and a bedspread of silvery leaves. This bedroom has a large window that overlooks the pastures in front of the house. (ES268) It also has a closet. (ES312)

Down the hall from the living room is a room of modest size. This is Liriel's study. This room has one window which overlooks an open court paved with stones in a circular pattern (ES289)(This is the Stable Court at the back of the house). (ES311) This room has cushions piled on the floor on top of a thick green rug. There are shelves with books on them on two walls of the room. These books range from children's stories to books on surveying and mapping as well as poetry (one by a Gala Mantaral who wrote two hundred years ago on Tau Ceti V) and at least one book of herbs (by Culpepper). (ES289) There is a brazier in this room. (ES290) Past the doorway to this study the hall continues to a door to the Stable Court behind the building. (ES311) The kitchen at Armida is an extremely large room with two large fireplaces and a hive shaped oven. There are counters and three long tables in the room. Polished cooking vessels hang on the wall and are stacked on the counters. There are benches or chairs to sit on. (ES362) There is also at least one bathroom at Armida. (ES367) [presumably some there is some sort of indoor plumbing at Armida]

There is a fragrance garden at Armida. (ES278)

Fenced pastures surround the house. These pastures are filled with at least two dozen horses. (ES260) Armida horses are considered to be the best in the Domains except perhaps for those at Serrais. (ES261) In addition to the pastures there are fields of grain. There are riding trails across the pastures.(ES314)

There is a maid available to carry luggage upstairs. (ES269)

There are two boys at Armida to take the horses of arriving guests and unload their baggage. (ES261-262)

There are grooms and hostlers working in the stables. (ES312)

The coridom at Armida is named Dartan. (ES331)

There is an old nursery at Armida with an elderly nurse still in residence. (ES335)

Entertainment at dinner at Armida can consist of singers. (ES276)

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